Costa Rica at it´s best

Boat Tour

Just Floating. Let the warm Pacific breeze caress your skin and body, lean back and enjoy relaxed the sunlit expanse of the Pacific by gliding in our "alma pacifico" over the clear water. Or do you prefer a pick nick on a secluded beach?

Fine dining

Peninsula Papagayo offers various possibilities for culinary treats. In a short distance from the villa there are 7 different restaurants. You may of course also ask for catering cooking at the house or enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach (Prieta Beach Club).

Events & Cultural Experience

We offer you the possibility to experience a close up cultural event. For a special event we organize a "noche de alma" with an Argentinian candle light dinner, Tango show and Argentinian folk songs. Seasonal only, ask for dates.

Land of peace

Costa Rica teaches the world that a heterogeneous society, when courageous and adaptable, can thrive even today. It dismantled its military in 1948 with the idea: "If you want peace, prepare peace not war". The people in Costa Rica have a saying which is also a metaphor for themselves and their way of life: "pura vida", which means take it easy, everything is OK, life is wonderful!

Wild nature

Costa Rica's National Parks are protection and resting area for the endangered wildlife and, therefore, serve the environmental protection in general. Some species of animals and plants you only find in Costa Rica. Adjacent parks serve animals who change locations due to the seasonal change between green season and dry season. And if Costa Rica is nature's showcase, Guanacaste is its showpiece.

Tango Retreats in Costa Rica