The Soul of Tango

at el alma, Costa Rica

The soul of Tango

Tango is a constant flow of communication and connection between two people. Tango is like your life, learning that only to love yourself makes you able to dance with your partner.

This retreat it`s an experience, tailored to your needs - a voyage into a personal enrichment of body, mind & soul. We will practice awareness in different disciplines. In the mornings we meditate or practice yoga. After breakfast we start with our Tango class. We use as well contact movements, free dance and other techniques. The afternoons are free for beach time, walks, relaxing, or other activities. We meet again for dinner and time for conversation. The last day, we organize a special and surprising night.

Each participant will have two one-to-one consulting sessions at the beginning and middle of the retreat to develop a personal growth plan. Achieve to live this very moment, be able to enjoy the present. Tango can teach you this and much more. If you want to explore something new and have a lot of fun, join us!

USD 2150.00 per person (double occupancy) in the garden or tree top room
USD 3000.00 per person (single occupancy)
USD 2550.00 per person (double occupancy) in the Mandala Suite
USD 3500.00 per person (single occupancy)

This price includes accommodation, brunch and diner, daily Yoga or Meditation, Tango classes and Two one to one consulting's, exclusive 13% tax.

Teachers Profile

Mauro is a professional Tango teacher and actor from Buenos Aires. He was traveling to Europe, to teach Tango classes in Malmo, Berlin, Rome and many other cities. Mauro is member of the Dinzel studio in Buenos Aires. The corner stone of his work is the search for more personal awareness and the communication between the dance couple. This principle is the core of the beauty of Tango.

"Tango is a dance between two dancers who form with their individual awareness, by their embracement and without words a new emotional unity".

Beto was born in Costa Rica and already started yoga when he was 15 years old. He completed the basic studies at the "Escuela Integral y Holistic Yoga" in Costa Rica. He then went to India, where he complemented and deepened his studies. This profoundly influenced his teaching. He went then to Thailand to complete his studies in Thai yoga massage.
Beto says: "My classes are always inspired by empowering the native state of happiness through different holistic tools."

Patricia loves Tango for many years. That is why she brought it to el alma. Tango is for sharing together like all the nice things in life. She has almost 20 years of experience in coaching, consulting and helping to find an inspiring life. She owned her own coaching company in Switzerland and was working in the fields of leadership improvement and change management. She has an education in transactional analysis and integrative depth psychology.
Patricia says: "Tango is like your life, the most important is to love yourself, because only then you can really love others. Tango is like an open book, it shows it all."